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Our Podcast Library brings so many great shows to our community.  We are now producing our very own podcast, Great Practices.  The show is hosted by community members and features community members sharing what they have learned during their careers.   

The Great Practices Podcast from The PMO Leader

It’s hard to say when something is a “Best Practice”.  It’s much easier to know when something is a “Great Practice” and that’s what this Podcast is all about. Interviews with PMO and Project Management Leaders, who, through years of trial and error, have discovered their own Great Practices and are now sharing their insights with you!


E03 Keep Your PMO Engine Running Smoothly Using Great Information with Bryan Garner

September 15, 2021

Hosted by Chris Kopp

Bryan marries a marketer’s perspective with the operational side of the business, which have merged together in his current role as Director of Content Strategy. He combines more than 20 years’ web site development experience with franchise marketing, support, and sales roles to document process at scale. He’s built and managed web sites for global corporations, created content standards and operations for PMOs, and developed systems for localized messaging for dozens of franchise brands. Bryan brings visibility and clarity to large scale content operations. 

You can learn more about Bryan or connect with him on LinkedIn: 
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E02  Setting up a PMO with Mike Frenette

August 15, 2021

Hosted by Jhansi Vijayarajan

Where do you begin when it comes to starting a PMO? Well, you can start with this episode! Listen in as Mike Frenette, head of the IT PMO at a water utility based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, discusses how they created their PMO from ground up. You’ll learn some great practices including understanding the culture of your company, tools to use, the portfolio selection process, communicating with executives, and resource management. 

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E01 Dashboards and Reports with Joe Sisto

July 15, 2021

Hosted by Chris Kopp

The debate is as old as “Microsoft or Apple” and “Coke or Pepsi”. What’s better? Reports or Dashboards? Listen in as Joe Sisto, PMO Director of Randstad North America extols the virtues of one and questions the value of the other.

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Chris Kopp - Great Practices Host


Chris is a serial intrapreneur who loves teaching how to think and act like a business owner and not like an employee… even if that’s what you are. His experience ranges from working for small startups to Fortune 500 companies and all points in between. He will be uncovering frameworks, templates, tools, and other great practices our guests have developed through years of trial and error. These Great Practices will allow you to work “on” your PMO and not “in” your PMO and bring real value to your business partners.

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Jhansi Vijayarajan - Great Practices Host 


Jhansi is a go-getter, a Story teller, experienced in IT and comes with Entrepreneurship DNA. She is a certified Coach and a Mentor who has got followers of her own. She is here creating a spirit of partnership to uncover the great practices from the subject matter expertise. Her goal is to bring the audience connected, engaged, and provide them with the values and benefits that's behind PMO leadership. 

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