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Five Ways to Make Your PMO More Customer-Centric

Sep 24, 2021

Creating a Collaborative Project Team Environment - PMBOK 3.2

Sep 17, 2021

How Useful, Usable, and Used are Your Processes?

Sep 15, 2021


Abhishek Mishra blogger on the PMO Leader

Abhishek Mishra


I have written 50+ articles, and those have been trending on multiple platforms. Apart from all this, I am a learner.                              

Bill Dow blogger on the PMO Leader

Bill Dow


A recognized expert in Project Management for specifically developing and managing Project Management Offices.

Chris Kopp blog on the PMO Leader

Chris Kopp


A serial intrapreneur who loves teaching how to think and act like a business owner and not like an employee… even if that’s what you are.

Fatimah Abbouchi blogger on The PMO Leader site

Fatimah Abbouchi


Fatimah Abbouchi is the Founder and CEO of Agile Management Office, Australia's First PMO Influencer of the Year and a leader in Agile Governance

Fola Alabi blogger on The PMO Leader site

Fola Alabi


A global speaker and business leader that helps organizations create and execute strategies to gain that competitive edge. 

Jan Schiller blog on the PMO Leader

Jan Schiller


Passionately sharing the insights and perspectives I've gained in a way that inspires confidence & wisdom in PMO leaders.

Rami Kaibni blog on the PMO Leader

Jason Orloske


I help executives and their teams realize their strategic goals by bridging the gap between vision and reality.

Joe Pusz blog on the PMO Leader

Joe Pusz


Top 15 2020 PMO Influencer of the Year. Host of Project Management Office Hours Podcast.  Managing Director PMO Global Survey.

Kevin Jacobs blogger on The PMO Leader site

Kevin Jacobs


We want to create a world where customers love new products, because they are focused on their most important needs.  

Kiron Bondale blog on the PMO Leader

Kiron Bondale


I've helped over 150 companies in multiple industries achieve their strategic goals by executing the right projects in the right way.

Rami Kaibni blog on the PMO Leader

Rami Kaibni


I work with reputable organizations both nationally and internationally and have been deployed on high profile projects.

Joe Pusz blog on the PMO Leader

Mounir Ajam


SUKAD Co-Founder & CEO with decades of global experience working on projects worth billions of US dollars.


Kevin Jacobs blogger on The PMO Leader site

Syed Qasim Abbas


I have been working in IT industry from last 10 years. My core areas of expertise is Agile Project Management.

Rami Kaibni blog on the PMO Leader



KeyedIn provides Project Portfolio Management software solutions for growing PMOs to increase their maturity, agility, and value contribution to the business.

Rami Kaibni blog on the PMO Leader



Meisterplan is a cloud-based project portfolio management and resource management software. See resource availability and capacity, gain visibility into projects, prioritize and align project portfolios to strategies, and generate real-time scenario simulations.

Rami Kaibni blog on the PMO Leader



Transforms organization into agile, high-velocity forces by empowering citizen developers to create apps faster, easier, and at lower costs.

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