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As we continue to lay the foundation of The PMO Leader we look to you our community to advise our expanding path.  The Main Street has unfolded over the last year and now it is time we consider where the next bricks should be laid.  We seek your wisdom, advice, and commitment in helping us further develop our volunteer opportunities. Please let us know where you would like to lend your voice.

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Events Committee

The Events Committee is a standing team with goals of facilitation, planning and organization of both global and regional events. This committee will bring on trend topics to the community.

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Membership & Engagement

The Membership & Engagement Committee will be responsible for insights into membership growth to include increasing numbers and messaging of welcome for new members and ongoing engagement. The team will also work to ensure that areas of interest in the community are developed and socialized to keep members interacting to include participation in social media, webinars, Book Club, emails and trends in PMO and Leadership.

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Marketing & Media

The Marketing Committee will develop and implement brand promotions, marketing and offerings that bring positive value and marketability to TPL. The Marketing will be shared in social media platforms to grow exposure and offer valuable content for community members.

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