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How to Virtually Manage Remote Teams during Pandemic

communication leadership pmo project management strategy syed qasim abbas Sep 05, 2021
How to Virtually Manage Remote Teams during Pandemic

Well, it has been more than a year or so, I have been managing & leading my team remotely. Below is a summary of my experience, the challenges I faced & How I overcame them.

Challenges while working remotely:

  • The first & most obvious challenge you face while working remotely is that your team is not physically with you under one umbrella which sometimes creates a communication gap among your peers.
  • Internet connectivity issues is also one of the hurdles we face while working remotely.

Best Practices while working remotely OR leading Virtual Teams

  • Create a dedicated workspace 
  • Define Work / Home boundaries 
  • Choose a Workspace having all the mandatory facilities 
  • Set your working hours
  • Set well defined agenda for meeting
  • Meeting Objective should be clear
  • Take Good meeting notes 
  • Choose right tool for a meeting
  • Always join meeting 5-7 mins before actual time
  • There should be well defined TO DO list of daily tasks
  • Be visible at work
  • There should be define check – in & check -out times 
  • Communicate effectively, effective communication plays a very vital role during remote work
  • The more you communicate with your team members the more things get streamlined
  • Take regular follow ups from team members
  • Do not do Micro – Management
  • Enhance your skills by learning some new skills