Podcast Listing Options

Basic Listing


What You Get

  • Your podcast listed in our Podcast directory (alphabetically placed beginning after sponsored podcasts)
  • Link to your podcast landing page or website.
  • 1 Free Membership to the PMO Leader community.
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Featured Listing


Best Value

What You Get

  • Featured Podcast of the Month listing. Includes entire block section of landing page dedicated to highlighting your podcast.
  • Featured article in monthly newsletter.
  • Featured in site events and announcements.
  • Link to your podcast site or podcast listing in a podcast platform of your choice.
  • 1 Community Membership to the PMO Leader community. 
  • Featured Listing is reserved to only one Podcast per month and each Podcast is restricted to maximum one Featured Listing per quarter.
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Sponsored Listing


3 month minimum

What You Get

  • Your Podcast listed in our Podcast directory (alphabetically placed beginning after featured Podcast).
  • Link to your Podcast site or Podcast listing in a Podcast platform of your choice.
  • Listed as a Sponsored Podcast in the monthly newsletter.
  • 1 Free Membership to the PMO Leader community.
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