Who is Ruth Pearce?

It is a dream of mine to be able to help others become their best selves. I have never met anyone who does not have a wealth of special qualities and a unique blend of character strengths just ready to make an impact!

I trained as a coach to help bring forth these attributes in others, convinced that I would want to do mainly 1:1 coaching, but over time I have discovered the power of the group. I have always loved enabling teams to function at their peak, and it turns out that passion means GROUP coaching as well as speaking, workshops, and group trainings fire up my zest! There is the potential for so much wisdom, learning and cross-pollination of ideas in a group.

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  • Character strengths for Project Managers

  • Mindfulness and Character Strengths for Stress Reduction

  • Leading with Character Strengths

  • Team-building

  • Mindful Decision Making

  • Project Motivation



I had the immense pleasure of attending one of Ruth’s workshops on Social Intelligence in Dublin recently. Ruth is a highly talented and skilled facilitator and coach. Her depth of knowledge married with her ability to gain genuine rapport with the audience makes her a delight to watch. The takeaways and insight were no less than superb.








Performance Coach - worked with six people who got to world number one.

I’m writing this recommendation because I would be remiss if I didn’t. I have had the great pleasure of working with Ruth after meeting her at a PMI conference. Her work in strengths-based project management is one that has the potential to disrupt the discipline in a very positive way. I personally experienced one of her presentations that was not only enlightening, but also pulled at the heart strings of the audience and was based in evidence. Sometimes it is rare that an inspiring message is also grounded in science. But this is Ruth’s work; reliable, and human. I would highly recommend you read her book. And if your company is interested in real growth, bring her in to your organization to implement some positive change!


PM Practitioner finishing PhD in Business Psychology - Project Management Meets Behavioral & Neuroscience!

I luckily had the opportunity to sit in Ruth’s lecture on Character Strengths at Duke University. She introduced us the global assessment of character strengths and how to leverage them in different situations, especially in team settings. Ruth is an experienced and excellent speaker. She demonstrated great expertise in coaching project managers and team leaders, especially in terms of engagement and motivation. We really enjoy her inspiring lecture!






Business insights and analytics intern, Biogen
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