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A person coached to come to their own decision, to make their own choices, is 5x more likely to act upon it than they are to act on third party advice.

Coaching provides accountability, a sounding board, takes abstract ideas and learning and supports the client in applying them to their own situation. Coaching elevates the impact of training and increases the return on investment for training and workshops.

Founder, Ruth Pearce, is an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). All Ruth’s coaching is conducted based on the ICF’s Code of Ethics.

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We asked the team – what do people need to know?

When change hits out of the blue, as it did in the first quarter of 2020, we find ourselves flat footed and slow to respond. Existing processes were not necessarily nimble enough to handle a surprise!

To prepare for now and the future, it is time to focus on people, their physical and mental health, their agility of mind and approach. 

We are passionate about the future of those who lead projects as influencers, and forces for positive change in organizations and teams. Our purpose is to build connected teams who will run through walls for each other, led by an impassioned, empathic, socially intelligent project or program leader.

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  • Giving others space to express themselves
  • Have opportunities to reflect (mindfulness)
  • Failure is not a dirty word and experimentation is innovation
  • It is safe to challenge the status quo
  • Know your strengths and your colleagues strengths 

Areas of Focus

  • Group Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Email Coaching


Coaching Programs

Purpose Driven PMO from THE PMO SQUAD

In It Together Group Coaching

Our In It Together Facilitators are committed to partnering with you to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, encourage growth and creating a safe welcoming space for all! We came together to support the sudden transition to a COVID-19 world, and we are returning to keep the support going. In a group you benefit from the coaches AND from the other attendees. The rich perspectives are a great source of new ideas and new approaches. 

Each of our In It Together Facilitators brings extraordinary grace, strength and perspective to the group. They are each amazing in their own right and together they make a great team who will help you to navigate these challenging times.

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Purpose Driven PMO from THE PMO SQUAD

Building Connection Through Strengths Coaching

This is the perfect and affordable coaching package for exploring how the research and science from Positive Psychology and in particular VIA Character Strengths can help you to build self-awareness, increase connection with others, build community with those around you, and support others in their journey of personal development.

We believe that you are already positioned to move forward to your goals. We help to uncover the strengths and resources that you may have overlooked. We start where you are and help you to move forward in a space where there is no judgment, just encouragement, challenge, trust and belief. 

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Purpose Driven PMO from THE PMO SQUAD

E-Mail Coaching Packages

Email coaching is a great way to make coaching practical, affordable and accessible wherever you are. Based on a methodology originally developed for online counseling, the model has now been expanded to make coaching available to anyone anywhere that has access to email. No worries about unstable wifi, expensive phone calls or time zone differences. Now you can be coached wherever you are by the coach of your choice wherever they are!

You can send your emails whenever is convenient, and our coaches will get back to you within 24 hours. Texting is also an option. 

This approach can also be effectively combined with the other two coaching program options.  

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More Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of being able to pick Ruth’s brain and receive some mentoring from her. She was very willing to share her experience and give ideas of how I can move my career plans in the right direction. I love her quick understanding of situations when described to her and her sound recommendations. Thank you, Ruth!

Mentor, Privately



Ruth is among the best project managers I’ve had the privilege of working with in my twenty-five years in business. She is able to take a seed, a mere idea, and cultivate it into a fully flourishing plant, a successful project. And all this with generosity, humor, and sensitivity.

Bestselling author of Happier and founder of the Happiness Studies Academy



Ruth is a generous, authentic and dynamic professional who has vast experience in project management, positive psychology and team building. Her strengths-based approach and expertise in skillfully mixing these three elements has been very useful to our WOHASU team during the execution, production and operation of World Happiness Summit events. She has been supporting us since the beginning, and is a great motivator.

CEO, WOHASU LLC and Co-Founder, World Happiness Summit