Now, more than ever, we are required to adapt to changes and stay competitive in our field of business. To do this, we need to maximize our capabilities and empower our employees and team members. An excellent way to achieve this is by training subject matter experts to train others in project management rather than relying on expensive, outsourced training programs. This is where you, as a PMO or a professional project manager, come in: by positioning yourself at the top of the project management expertise with top-level skills that qualify you to train others in the field.


Improve project management skills across your team through this exciting workshop based around an exclusive simulation board game.​

A well-trained and motivated workforce is an asset of every business and organization. Being able to train others to be effective project managers is a powerful way to strengthen both the employees’ individual knowledge and skills and the company’s human resources. 


What's In The Kit?

Simulation Board Game x 2

A unique game for learning the essentials of project management, while improving techniques and skills, and acquiring simple yet transformative tools.

How-to-Play Online Course

Easy-to-follow instruction videos that explain the rules and logic of the game and how to conduct the workshop and post-game discussion.

Remote Consulting

A two-hour remote consultation session to answer questions, share from our experience conducting the workshop, and help you get the ball rolling at your organization.

Workshop Goals

  • Improve and reinforce project management skills by simulating real-life challenges​
  • Train your teams to develop goal-oriented thinking and to achieve value within budget and resource constraints​
  • Provide participants with an understanding of the bigger picture and control of the fine details​
  • Encourage creative thinking and cooperation​
  • Create a team-building experience​


All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience.


Indeed a smart simulation board game designed to understand project management in a fun way. My students learned so much in a short time!

Ori Orhof (PhD, PMP)

A great simulation board game that really captures the complexity of project management. Truly unique, innovative and fun!

Gilad Schlosberg, Sales Coach & Enabler

After doing the workshop I found my team was much more motivated. They started planning in much more detail and managing the projects more closely - and as such, with better results.

Gil Sharabi, VP product & Business Development, Verified Planet Ltd.