PM Scenarions

Here at PM Scenarios, we don't teach methodology, process, or doctrine. We aren't here to help you pass the PMPTM or Prince2TM certification exams. We won't make you memorize lengthy formulas or focus so much on all of the "science" of project management. What we will help you with is the "art," or the soft-skills and the experiential learning that can only be learned by DOING, not memorizing! Admit it, the best knowledge comes from those who've been there, and have the battle scars to prove it. Our professional development opportunities give you that edge by helping you make better decisions on all of the interactions and moments you face every day that they don't teach you in boot-camps or bodies of knowledge. Take a look!

What's Inside

PM Scenarios, LLC, is the world-wide leader in scenario and simulation-based project management professional development. PM Scenarios offers online self-guided or forum-based scenario learning opportunities, providing a safe place to learn, fail, and try again. PM Scenarios also provides virtual and on-site facilitation opportunities for group learning.



Self Directed Learning

The Scenario Generator presents you with challenging project management scenarios and allows you to select from various potential actions that reflect how you would respond in that situation.

Actionable Feedback

Following your selection, you will also be presented with how our advisory panel of senior project management professionals would have responded, allowing you to learn from their years of experience!

On Demand

PM Scenarios is completely online and at your own pace. This means you can decide where and when you want to take the course. Learn when it's convenient for you!

What's Inside

As of February 1st, 2021, we have twenty-five (25) different scenarios spread across five (5) unique self-learning modules, each consisting of five (5) real-world situations, and we're adding more and more every week! 


All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. Self-reporting is eligible using 'Online or Digital Media' PDU category