Who is Peter Taylor?

Peter has delivered over 450 lectures around the world in over 25 countries and has been described as ‘perhaps the most entertaining and inspiring speaker in the project management world today’, and in 2020 he was awarded the PMO Global Alliance ‘PMO Influencer of the Year Award’.

Global Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Trainer and Coach, Peter is the author of the number 1 bestselling project management book ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, along with many other books on Project Management, PMOs, Executive Sponsorship, Transformation Leadership, Business Agility, Social Collaboration, AI in Project Management and Speaking Skills.

Always delivering a ‘fun’ learning experience, whether through his keynote presentations or leadership engagements.

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Engagement Expert:

Serious about bringing 'Fun' and 'Productivity' to your Business Change – Peter can inspire your project teams and leaders!

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Speaking Topics

Leading Successful PMOs 

The presentation is about successfully leading a PMO (whatever you understand by those three letters) to deliver better projects, better business to the customers of those projects and to the organisation that you work for, and to best serve the contributing project managers from both a professional and a personal perspective.


The session will explore some of the research carried out by Peter Taylor for his book ‘Leading Successful PMOs’. The book brings together the experience and views of PMO leaders from around the world and the project managers that work within the PMOs, as well as those who are now seeking leaders for their PMOs.



The Lazy Project Manager

Learn about the art of productive laziness with The Lazy Project Manager; understanding what is meant by the ‘productive lazy’ approach to Projects (and life) and learn how to apply these lessons ‘to be twice as productive and still leave the office early’.


The session will cover the definition of productive laziness, the science behind the theory (yes there really is some) and will share some personal learning experiences that led to the creation of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’.  In addition, the audience will consider the three key project stages, one of which the ‘lazy’ project manager works very hard in and the second they should be in the comfortable position of enjoying the ‘comfy chair’ safe in the knowledge that the project is well under control and the final where often some critical work is missed.

The Project Manager Who Smiled 

Project management is a serious business; but it is a serious business that can be a lot of fun too.

Now whilst there is, quite rightly, lots of talk about the serious side of the profession there is a lot less that addresses the more enjoyable aspects, and so I give you ‘The Project Manager Who Smiled’ .

A good laugh not only reduces tension and relieves stress, but also helps to increase team bonding and boost morale

When you’re happy, you are more productive, more creative, more open, more likeable and a better leader.




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I hired Peter to speak at the Digital PM Summit 2019 in Orlando, and I'm so happy he did! I chose for him to be our opening keynote for the conference, because his wit and energy would warm up the room. And it did just that--not just through a thoughtful presentation with numerous well-crafted points to enlighten and inspire project managers, but also through an audience sing-a-long.

Brett Harned
Director of Education at TeamGantt & Founder, Digital PM Summit


Peter brought the audience to life with his humour and relevant story-telling - and this was during the after-lunch slot! His insights were relevant, and he kept the audience laughing, setting the tone for the afternoon of the event. A joy to work with and very engaging to watch!


Adrienne Gibson
Keynote speaker, facilitator, coach, and consultant specializing in leading change


Peter recently spoke at our Art of Projects Conference 2019 for 300 Project, Program and Portfolio Managers in Budapest, Hungary. Peter's energy, passion, and connection with the audience was beyond impressive. Peter Taylor (The Lazy Project Manager) hit it out of the park!


Laszlo J. Kremmer
Vice President / Sr. Program Manager at Citi and PMI Chapter President / PMI Budapest
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