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From Jim Stewart & Rich Maltzman

We're pleased to offer a brand-new, two-session Workshop on Communications!  In two sessions, your employees will be given practical tools and techniques to simply make it easier for project teams to work together, especially in a world where we increasingly depend on virtual meetings and events.

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Your project-driven organization needs to improve the communication skills of not only its project managers but also its project team members. As such, we offer a focused 8 hour workshop on communication best practices as well as meeting facilitation.  This can be broken into two sessions separated by a few days - even a couple of weeks.  The workshop is a mix of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises to enable participants to gain and practice skills they can immediately bring back to the workplace to facilitate project success.  The workshop is presented by two experienced consultants and trainers – their profiles are appended to this proposal. Please see the profiles of the Workshop facilitators below – authors of a book on this topic, with experience in telecom. To make this more meaningful and to make the learning “stick” we propose an innovative style of knowledge transfer: one session of 3-4 hours, a period of ‘absorption’ to allow attendees to try the techniques, and a follow-up 3-4 hour session to affirm the learning and ‘power up’ the practices and tools.

Improve your Meetings

We  have seen it all, and we can make your meetings  more effective, more productive, more fun, and more memorable.

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Communicate Better

We recognize that meetings are but one part of communications - and we can work with you to up your game across the entire spectrum.

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Do you have a project kickoff meeting coming up?  Is there some other key meeting you want to go ... just right?  We can help!

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" As a program manager for a global technologies company, much of my time is spent in meetings.  One of the most critical meetings of a project, is during up front planning where we are setting the tone for the scope and success of the project.  I recently attended the Improving Your Communications Intelligence class offered by Rich and Jim and it was chock full of helpful guidance, tips and templates on how to make the most of these planning meetings as well as my project status meetings.  More and more meetings are now virtual, even this class was virtual, so I was able to see first hand how meetings can be run effectively not only for in person meetings but for virtually led meetings as well.  I especially found value in the way they personified different challenges you face with your attendees in a fun way, but also in a way that provides actionable insights to dealing with different personalities in a constructive and positive way.  Armed with what I have learned, I know I will be able to make my next planning meeting a successful event that sets my project up for success."

- Renee Adair, Business Relationship Manager, PMP, DASM, CVTL 

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We'd love to customize this for your organizational needs.  So contact us for a quote!  Write to us at [email protected] - we will get back to you soon!

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