Healthcare Project Management

This course is designed for the healthcare project management (PM) novice. As a physical therapist, we are tasked with managing all kinds of projects without the slightest idea of project management best practices (and without the slightest idea that project management was even a thing!). The goal of this course is to provide some foundational PM skills to those clinicians out there that have been tasked with implementing new programs or creating new processes in their organizations. Providing you with lessons learned, 'what I wish I had knowns', and basic skills to set you up for success in bringing your projects to completion!

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Designed for the healthcare project management novice, this course provides foundational skills to those clinicians tasked with implementing new programs or creating new processes in their organizations without any formal PM knowledge.


Our Why

After 13 years of working as a physical therapist in various settings and organizations, course creator Stephanie Miller realized there was often a disconnect between leadership's visions and what was actually being implemented in the field. This disconnect led to frustrations on all ends. Instead of giving up, she was inspired to find an answer. From her perspective, the missing link was formal project management. She started studying the topic, received her certification, and after 15 years as a practicing clinician, transitioned into healthcare project management. Leaving the field wasn't easy for her, but the gift of making the lives of my fellow clinicians easier has made it all worth it!

What you’ll learn

  • Project management fundamentals and best practices
  • Methods of applying project management basics to healthcare
  • Learn how healthcare organizations can benefit from formal healthcare practices


All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. 

This course has not been formally approved for PDUs, but may qualify for up to 1 self-reported hours under the category 'On-line or Digital Media'.



"Well done! I wish all instructional videos could be done this way. Very clear, concise, and thoughtful."

"A great introduction to the principles of effective project management, brought to life via real, practical examples."