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The Fundamentals of Mastering Project Management

We recommend that you should treat The Fundamentals of Mastering Project Management as a prerequisite for all other courses (adventures) in the PM Quest. You can either purchase the course or get it for free with the registration in any other paid course.

This adventure is rich with information and definitions, and we do not expect you to learn it all now. However, we recommend that you go through every goal and mission, so you know what is here. In the future, you can refer to it when you need to refresh your memory. There are five goals (learning objectives), consisting of 16 missions (learning units) in this adventure.

Finally, this course will lead to a certificate of completion that you can use to claim 8 PDU/Contact Hours with PMI. Oh, almost forgot, you have 30 days to complete The Fundamentals. However, it will remain open for active paid subscribers.

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Gain Exceptional Knowledge

You have landed at the starting point of The Quest to Mastering Project Management, an approach building on lifelong learning. What we offer you is great project management learning, anytime, anywhere, and on any device! What is even better? The personal attention that we will give YOU to make Innovation Happen. We aim to be your guide in this learning Quest. A Project Management Coach, a Click Away!


Course Learning Objectives

The Six Themes

of the Quest to Mastering Project Management

What You Get

  • 8 PDU/Contact Hours
  • Tailored Approach to Project Based Learning 
  • Personal Journey Based Learning
  • Additional PMO Quest Resources


All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience.


Mounir is a true leader and mentor. With his vast practical experience in various sectors, he is able to transform the complexity of project management into a simplified systematic principle. I salute Mounir’s enthusiasm and passion in Project management and his ever-lasting drives to challenge the norms.

Chim Hock See

Mounir’s work as a thought leader in project management is well known through his books, publications, and prolific activity on social media. He advocates a level of professionalism in project management that is uncommon in today’s world, and he manages to bring this in understandable language and plausible concepts. As his colleague I had many discussions with Mounir at the time the methodology behind the SUKAD Way was conceived and refined. It incorporates not only the experience of many seasoned project managers but it is also founded on contemporary research, so much so that SUKAD became associated with SKEMA in France, one of the leading tertiary institutions in the world in this field. This methodology has now become the foundation of the URUK platform. As entrepreneur Mounir is guided by a steadfast belief in a tried and tested idea based on decades of experience, and an unwavering commitment to bring this idea to fruition through the URUK platform. As project expenditure occupies an ever-increasing portion of global GDP, the economic impact of this product is hard to fathom. Lastly, I have worked with Mounir from 2008 till now. I know him as a person of the highest integrity and trust him implicitly

Luc Baumans

In this [Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile] book, Mounir has dived even deeper into organizational project management systems with the latest and more comprehensive CAMMP™ model. I have always been of the mind that a project manager should be versed in many models so that the approach can be custom fit to the project, and CAMMP™ is one that should be a staple.”

Dr. Joel B. Carboni, President, and Founder, GPM Global, and President, IPMA-USA