Who is Fola Alabi

Fola F. Alabi is a thought leader,  international keynote speaker, and educator, with one goal, to transform 1 million (project professionals, c-suite leaders, and entrepreneurs) into value accelerators - strategic project leaders - with high levels of Project Intelligence, who positively impact ROI, accelerate careers and improve project success rates to create the triple win, a win for individuals, a win for the organization, and a win for the economy!

Fola is creating and equipping strategic project leaders with the skills needed to create lasting and sustainable change, and immense socioeconomic impact, leveraging Strategic Leadership, Project Mastery and Transformational / technological Leverage - her superpower.

Fola draws from two decades of experience managing projects, PMOs, and organizational change, helping organizations deliver the right projects and navigate change effectively.  

Fola recognized an opportunity to elevate the project management discipline to become a strategic business driver. Today, she trains, delivers keynote, and mentors project professionals, PMOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, to drive strategic goals and outcomes, transcending the limitations of the triple constraint.

The results are remarkable:

  1.  Value Acceleration: You become a value accelerator for your organization, delivering valuable outcomes, increasing project rates of success, and positioning yourself as the go-to leader, thereby effortlessly navigating a path to executive leadership.
  2.  Personal Development: These skills are not limited to your career; they can also be applied to personal development, enabling you to shape the life you've always desired.
  3.  Global Impact: You begin to fuel the global economy as your skills can be leveraged all around the world.

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Speaking Topics

Rebirth—Project Managers and PMO Leaders Morph into Strategic Project Leaders Positioned as Strategy Drivers.

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand the evolving role of project managers and PMOs in the modern business landscape vs. the traditional roles of project managers and PMOs.
  • Master the art and science of strategic thinking and execution to evolve into a strategic project leader.
  • Explore the concept of "Project Intelligence" and its significance in project management and why Project Intelligence is essential for project success.
  • Uncover the key skills and competencies required for project managers and PMO leaders to transition into strategic project leaders.
  • Learn how to leverage Project Intelligence to accelerate project value.
  • Understand how to leverage technology and data analytics in enhancing Project Intelligence.

Strategic Conscious Leadership to Improve Performance: The Frontier of Leadership for Economic Sustainability and Competitive Edge. 

  • Understanding the concept of Strategic Conscious Leadership supercharged with project execution skills.
  • Insight to create opportunities rather than looking for opportunities.
  • Uncover the link between conscious leadership and competitive advantage to enhance innovation, employee engagement, and market positioning.
  • Learn strategies for developing conscious leadership skills with insights on strategic self-awareness, empathy, and mindfulness.
  • Understand how organizational culture can either enable or hinder conscious leadership.

Project management career reimagined, redesigned and repositioned Strategic Value for the organization and the Professional, A WIN - WIN.

  • Understand the evolving role of Project Management (PM) and its increasing importance in today's dynamic business environment.
  • Recognize the expanding scope of project management beyond traditional methodologies.
  • Understand the key PM Trends while exploring current trends and emerging practices in project management that are reshaping the profession such as AI, data analytics, and automation are influencing project management.
  • Discover Strategies for Career Advancement in Project Management 
  • Identify the skills, certifications, and networking opportunities that can accelerate career progression.
  • Understand how effective project management can drive strategic value for organizations.
  • Discover ways to position yourself as a strategic asset within your organization through your project management skills.
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More About Fola

Fola as a transformational leader and global speaker her passion centers around shaping the project management discipline to become a strategic business driver and breaking the glass ceiling for project professionals. 

She was raised by an economist and an entrepreneur who championed innovative ideas with strong community values, inspiring resources to break new ground. All these attributes and more are in my DNA.

How Fola creates quantum leaps:

✔️PMO leadership

✔️Keynote speaking


✔️Corporate event facilitation

✔️Coaching & training

Keynote Topics for Business Quantum Leap and Peak Performing Teams:

1️. Rebirth—PM to Strategic Project Leader with Project Intelligence

2. Strategic Leadership to Improve Performance

3️. Transform Your PMOs into a strategy driver and Value Accelerator

4. The Project Lifestyle—Create a Recession-proof Life.

5. Seamless Pivot to a PM career

6️. Business Launch Roadmap—Just a Project 🤸

7️. Do Less Yet Achieve More™️—Time Optimization & Productivity Hacks to Boost Team Performance


💰Saved over 11% on a $12 billion portfolio by creating a robust strategy for a major energy transformation initiative

🏢Set up PMO offices with governance for 100+ projects with budgets above $400 million

☀️Elevating ordinary people to live extraordinary lives with PQ

🌎Setup entrepreneurial programs for non-profit organizations 

In her upcoming book, on Project intelligence, Fola F. Alabi shares insights to increase project intelligence levels to gain a competitive edge in today’s VUCA world.

Project professionals drive strategy - You are a strategic business partner - uncover your full potential and that of your project team with increased Project Intelligence - Strategic Leadership, Project Mastery and Leverage - The Value Accelerator

Learn more about Fola F. Alabi➡️ at www.FolaAlabi.com

Let's grab a coffee ⤵️ www.calendly.com/folaalabi/discovery-call

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Fola Alabi led our business transformation initiatives and she was a keynote speaker at one of our town halls. She was electrifying and personable. She connected with the audience, bringing humour and a system thinking approach to the subject matter. Fola explained how her personal experiences built her tenacity and determination to get result, and fuels her passion to implement lasting change that brings value to organizations and their customers, while also empowering their employees. I recommend her services to any organization or individuals looking for a partner to collaborate with on achieving important business or personal goals. We got value for our investment; the services were definitely worth it!

Valerie Yakubu - Norica Inc.

When you talk about a people advocate, a change leader and a project management professional you need to meet Fola.  I was opportune to listen to Fola speak on the subject of driving strategy with effective portfolio and project management. She delivered eloquently on the inextricable confluence of change, technology and project management.  She was so personable and connected excellently with the audience.  It was engaging and interactive. I highly recommend Fola Alabi.

Sarah Brogan  - Brogan Associates

I have had the privilege to observe Fola Alabi speak with and present to senior leaders in my organization. I must say that we were completely impressed by Fola's wealth of knowledge of the subject matter and more importantly, we were mesmerized by her ability to relay her message in a very thought-provoking and practical way. Fola's art of story telling is simply, exceptional!

Dean Cowling - Trans Canada Pipeline