Bruno Morgante

VP Global Head of PMO


What has been your favorite project and why?

It was a corporate wide program targeted to transition the End Users workplace of the whole company users. More than 27,000 users in more than 300 sites in 42 countries.

Why was it special? Just because it was challenging? Not exactly. It is the project that is closer to my heart because I took over the project when it was already in execution and in deep crisis, over 6 months of delay and no process really in place. I completely turned it upside down, leading it to completion on time, on target and on cost.

Why did you join The PMO Leader community?

Because I believe that if you are doing well enough, it is your responsibility to help others.

Who is someone you’d like to meet within our industry?

In person? I'd love to meet Antonio Nieto Rodriguez!

When did you first know you wanted to be a PMO Leader or Project Manager?

This part of the story is very interesting :)

When I started my corporate career about 18 years ago, I had a completely wrong impression of what Project Management is and what the role of a Project Manager is. After a few months, my manager tells me "Bruno, I believe you would be a great Project Manager. You have all the right behaviours and attitudes. I have a perfect opportunity for you...".
I got my first small project assigned and I started to learn while I was doing and I quickly realised Project Management was my path and I would not have left it for anything else.

What is something about you not many people know but you’d like to share with the community?

During my years at the university, Politecnico di Milano, I started a company with my best friend. We were organising live music concerts. We started from scratch, with nothing but a brilliant idea, and we quickly became a reference point for music bands in all Italy.

During the almost 6 years of activity we allowed hundreds of bands to play in numerous clubs in Milano, Roma, Torino and Bologna. The biggest event was the yearly national contest. That has been a memorable experience!

Who is someone you’d like to have share their story and why?

My next mentee, or the next person I am going to help. We all have stories. Even the most ordinary person has a beautiful and inspiring story to tell.