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Have you ever wanted to ask the author of the book you're reading a question?  Now you can, as hosts Sharan Sekhon and Ilinca Nicolescu interview the authors of some of our favorite Agile, PMO and Project Management books.

Books & Beyond

There’s nothing more refreshing than to go back to the basic and shuffle through the pages of a good book. This is how Books & Beyond was born. A book club of and for our community which aims to connect us with some of the most inspiring leaders amongst us, authors who write about their expertise and lessons learned. We promise you will be inspired by their words and have the chance to interact with them in live events to get tips for being even more successful in your role.  Ready to be inspired? Come join us and we'll write the next chapter together!

After all, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”!

Books & Beyond Episodes


Fatimah Abbouchi from Agile Management Office is special guest on the Books & Beyond show

E01 - Is the Project Management Office Still Fit For Purpose?

November 5, 2021

Author Fatimah Abbouchi will share insights and perspective on the white paper Is the Project Management Office Still Fit For Purpose?  The white paper  aims to identify the challenges and issues surrounding the PMO and to address the lag between the PMO and Project Management practices across an organisation.  Join the discussion as host Ilinca Nicolescu goes beyond the book with Fatimah Abbouchi.

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Upcoming Episodes

 We are finalizing our next several Books and Beyond sessions and will have an updated schedule posted soon.

The Hosts


Ilinca Nicolescu

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

I was Born and raised in Romania, taught in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Management, career started in the same industry. Curious about research, I continued to work my way up into Drug Development and quickly discovered the passion for Project Management which, happy to say, today I have even more than before. I have exercised being a Project Manager for more than 6 years now in a professional environment and also on a personal level, being my own PM when moving to Canada.

I am a very curious personality, looking to understand the WHY and find the ideal HOW. What I like the most about being a PM is the opportunity to connect people and find and give them the right tools they need to be best versions of themselves. I am a true believer that with an open communication and collaborative approach anything can be achieved no matter how challenging and I strive to inspire the same to anyone I interact with.

Sharan Sekhon

Sharan has almost 11 years of professional experience in Finance Operations, Project Management (Process Improvement, PMO, IT Infrastructure, and Transition & Transformation – Outsourcing), Change Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management. My longest employment would be within the Energy, Resource and Utility (ERU) industry.

She is a self-employed Project Consultant, working on an IT project across APAC region. I am also a member and volunteer for PMI Malaysia Chapter and recently joined the same for PMI UK Chapter.

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