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How Company Leaders Can Boost Their PMO

alessandra chase pmo productivity strategy Nov 27, 2022
How Company Leaders Can Boost Their PMO

A project management office (PMO) is vital for any company. They set and maintain standards to increase a project’s success. This is why 89% of organizations have at least one project management office. However, it’s not enough that companies have a PMO. Company leaders must strive to boost and improve their PMOs to perform better. This way, companies can expect higher project success rates. If you’re a company leader looking to boost your PMO, keep reading below for tips on getting started.

Align PMO with company strategy

A company’s long-term goals are achieved through different avenues, mainly through projects and programs. These aim to produce results for the company that bring it closer to its goals, such as increasing sales or reaching a broader audience. Therefore, company leaders must guarantee that their PMO always has their company strategy in mind. Their knowledge of your business' short- or long-term plans of action will help them more effectively inform their programs for your organization.

One way to do so is to arrange regular meetings between the corporate strategy team and the PMO. Both parties—especially the PMO—can ask questions and receive updates regarding company strategy. They can also ask the corporate strategy team to review any policies or standards they wish to implement, so they can confirm that it aligns with the company’s goals.

Ensure that the PMO meets stakeholders’ needs

Stakeholders are significant contributors to a company’s operations because they support their initiatives, often through investments and providing resources. They’re also impacted by the outcome of your company’s activities, so you must ensure that you satisfy them.

Our post ‘What Successful PMOs are Doing in 2022’ notes that the top indicator of project failure is when it doesn’t meet stakeholder expectations. This factor displays the disconnect between the company’s priorities and project delivery. To meet these expectations, company leaders must encourage PMO engagement with stakeholders. This can be done by asking stakeholders what they think of an upcoming project and getting their opinions on the matter before making major project decisions. Regular PMO and stakeholder engagements guarantee that a project’s needs are met and that the stakeholders are satisfied.

Use the latest PMO technologies

Technology is a big help in the professional world by automating tasks and creating more efficient processes. One example is how artificial intelligence is utilized in HR by filtering the best candidates, making it easier for HR professionals to schedule interviews.

Fortunately, the same can apply to PMOs. A discussion on the future of project management by Maryville University highlights that PMOs need to utilize the latest technologies, including big data and analytics software. They help to analyze past project data, assisting PMOs to make well-informed decisions regarding future projects. For instance, if the company decides to replicate a project that succeeded in the past, this technology can predict its potential success rate in the present. Another technology is project management software like Trello and Asana. These streamline task delegation, track progress, and give deadline reminders for more efficient project handling.

Invest in upskilling PMO managers

A 2020 University of Amsterdam study on project leaders and performance finds that accomplished project leaders don’t always guarantee project success. These leaders have more experience, but they can still have shortcomings, like inadequate risk management. It's therefore vital to invest in upskilling efforts for PMO leaders. After all, they oversee all company projects, so they must continuously improve their skills to secure better project success. Upskilling can take many forms, such as enrolling PMO leaders in online courses or hiring a project management coaching professional.

PMOs are essential in increasing a company’s project success rate and ensuring that projects meet the highest standards. Boost your PMOs by making sure they align with company strategy, meet stakeholder expectations, use the latest project management technologies, and have the necessary skills to remain agile in the long term.

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