Who is Barbara A. Trautlein, PhD?

Barbara A. Trautlein, PhD is author of the best-selling book Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks, principal and founder of Change Catalysts, and originator of the CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence®. For over 30 years, Barbara has coached executives, trained leaders at all levels, certified change agents (including project management professionals!), and facilitated mission-critical transformational initiatives - achieving bottom-line business and powerful leadership results for clients. In 2015 she had the honor of being awarded Change Management Consultant of the Year by the Association of Change Management Professionals Midwest Chapter. Her blend of research, real-world expertise, and actionable strategies makes her an in-demand speaker spanning a wide range of industries across the globe. Clients served include Abbott Laboratories, BP, Cisco, Goodwill Industries, Northwestern University, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency. Barbara holds a doctorate in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.

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Through her keynotes and engaging presentations, Barbara has a unique ability to connect with her audiences, ranging from C-level executives in Fortune 50 organizations to union workers on the shop floor. Barbara’s presentations are full of moving stories and laugh-out-loud anecdotes from steel mills to sales teams, refineries to retail outlets, and healthcare to high tech. Her entertaining style is grounded in her change leadership consulting experience and original research database spanning from America to Australia, Canada to the Congo, and Italy to India.

She engages audiences with her real-world credibility, and is gifted at sharing strategies and tactics that are accessible, actionable, and immediately applicable.  Audiences consistently report that they are entertained, educated, and able to immediately transfer the strategies and tactics she offers to the workplace.

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You Know Your IQ, But What’s Your CQ®?

Develop Change Intelligence® to Lead Projects that Get Results

Are you frustrated that no matter what you try, your projects seem to either fail outright or produce gains that don’t last? Yet, your organization’s growth and your career progress hinges on your ability to lead successful and sustainable change. In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll get introduced to how to get beyond the buzzwords and leverage a proven formula for change. The CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence® is based on decades of change leadership in the workplace, years of conducting global research on managing change, and study into the psychology and neuroscience of change. Through real-life examples you’ll learn how to:

• Engage the brain, inspire the heart, and motivate the hands to get people moving in positive, new directions so change sticks

• Diagnose your own Change Intelligence®, appreciate the strengths and blind spots of your Change Leadership Style, and obtain targeted developmental coaching for improvement

• Reframe resistance from enemy to ally, and learn how to use resistance as a powerful source of information to engage for change up, down, and across your organization

• Learn how to coach others to build their CQ®, build Change Intelligent® teams, and enhance your organization’s collective change capabilities

• Emerge as a more competent and confident – and less stressed and frustrated – leader of change

Change Intelligently® Lead through the A.R.C.s of Change and Crisis

As our gut-wrenching experience with COVID-19 demonstrates and neuroscience validates, unexpected, unwanted, and undeserved change can plunge us into fear/threat mode, causing the good stuff that feeds our brain (oxygen, glucose) to rush past our necks so we can fight/flight/flee, robbing us of the cognitive capacity to think clearly and creatively. During the stress of change, when our IQ inevitably goes down, building our CQ® (Change Intelligence®), is like putting our own oxygen mask on first. We remember to breath, separate our knee-jerk, fear-based reaction from a more mindful, adaptive response, and remember that we have options – and the more options we have, the more power we have. Options to lead ourselves and others out of this crisis to emerge stronger than before, individually and collectively. Every project is a change – so every project manager is a change leader – regardless of tenure, title, or role. Leading through change and crisis is now a mission-critical competency for career success as well as organizational sustainability. By building Change Intelligence®, project managers position themselves to make a meaningful and measurable difference for the people and organizations they serve, simultaneously propelling their professional impact and positive project outcomes. Join us to learn science- and experience-based actionable insights to help yourself, your team, and your projects leverage CQ® to lead through the A.R.C.s of change – regaining Autonomy, Relationship, and Certainty and emerging more Agile, Resilient, and Capable than before. You’ll walk away with actionable insights to:

• Start with your self – obtain tangible tactics to cope with the stress of change and develop personal resilience.

• Support your team – discover strategies to nurture psychological safety and agility to foster collaboration and get results.

• Set-up your projects – explore how to inspire a growth versus fixed collective mindset, position challenges as pop-up learning labs to build skills for now and the future, and accelerate transformation towards an even more change-capable culture on the projects you manage – “make it real in the field.”

Stop Getting in the Way! Coach Stakeholders to Help, Not Hurt, Projects

Whether it’s sponsors “blessing and abdicating” or end users “resisting” or project team members not following through with their accountabilities, as a project manager you grapple with challenging stakeholder behaviors every day. Join us for this highly interactive learning experience and learn the “positive intent” behind seemingly difficult behaviors – and what you as a project manager can do to turn them around to have a constructive impact, build relationships, and get results for your projects. Together we'll explore and you'll be able to:

1. Identify the root cause of common problematic stakeholder behaviors and what key stakeholders want/need from you as a project manager.

2. Leverage actionable neuroscience/psychological research to flex your “leadership style” to coach others to become collaborative and effective project contributors.

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Barbara was one of the highlights of our Professional Development Days event. As a speaker, she is highly interactive and engaging – she got people thinking and laughing. Barbara delivered relevant and valuable content and coupled with exercises that encouraged active participation and learning from our attendees. It’s not easy to find a speaker who is entertaining, engaging and educational, but Barbara delivers on all counts. The feedback from the attendees was extremely positive. I highly recommend Barbara as a speaker for your next event!

- John Todd, Director Speakers, PMI-MassBay Chapter, and Partner, Downtown Recruiting Inc

I had the unique opportunity to invite Dr. Barbara Trautlein to present at both the PMI Montgomery County Maryland Chapter and the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health. She rocked the audience at both places! With over 300 members in attendance at the full day PMI training, she dazzled them with her seasoned change leadership knowledge. I particularly admired her ability to engage the large audience in group exercises and openly address their unique professional questions with thoughtful recommendations. Additionally, in a one-hour seminar at the National Cancer Institute, I was able to observe how she adeptly adapted her material to present to a scientific audience. If you’re seeking an energetic, engaging, and eloquent expert, I strongly recommend Dr. Trautlein.

- Scott Chen, PhD MBA PMP, VP of Education, PMI-Montgomery County MD Chapter and Health Scientist Administrator, NIH/NCI Program and Review Extramural Staff Training Office

Over my years in the speaking industry I have worked with hundreds of speakers, and Barbara is a rare gem. She delivered a fantastic keynote for the Human Capital Institute’s Annual Summit. Barbara captivated the audience with valuable insights that they could immediately apply on-the-job after the event. She has an engaging style along with the stage presence that conference organizers want from their keynote speakers. Bottom line - Barbara was such a hit that we’re bringing her back to speak for our association again next year!

- Shane York, Vice President of Events, Human Capital Institute

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