Who is Asya Watkins?

Asya Watkins, MBA, 6σGB, PMP® is the Founder, Women Of Project Management -The only community dedicated to supporting & amplifying the voices of women & women of color in every specialty of the project management industry worldwide.

Featured in Forbes for International Women’s Day as a leading voice in the project management profession, Asya is an internationally-recognized authority in her field. She has served as keynote speaker for the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Beijing, and other top-tier organizations and leadership conferences around the world. She can also be heard lending her voice and expertise to various podcasts, including the Project Management Institute (PMI) Podcast, Projectified™ and her very own podcast —Women Of Project Management®. Among many things, she is a wife, mother, friend and mentor, and her dreams of creating a lasting impact for women like her only continues to grow with her success.

Learn more visit www.asyawatkins.com

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Speaking Topics

Retain & Sustain:

Building Communities That Last

The Setback Staircase:

Turning “Failures” Into Career Opportunities

No-B.S. Corporate Allyship:

How To Celebrate And Advocate for A Diverse Team

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Known to speak candidly from the heart, I am an effective storyteller, who uses my own journey to teach and inspire.  Whether it’s talks on Retaining & Sustaining Teams, sharing my talk on the Setback Staircase on how I tuned my “failures” into some of the best career opportunities of my career, or my talk on How to Celebrate and Advocate for a Diverse Team, I bring vision and wisdom to every conversation to bring women together in the name of community and progression.

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“If we were to completely be honest, our committee had no idea how this opening event would go, but Asya surpassed all expectations with her transparency in life and dedication to her fine craft. I am better off for having had the pleasure of interviewing Asya. What’s more, the Minority Owned Business Committee is incredibly blessed and thankful for her entrepreneurial knowledge, astute perspective and kindred spirit. Thank you to Asya for your impact on myself, and more importantly, the Avanade community.”

- Cassandra Webb, Avanade | Microsoft/Accenture 

“Asya shares her success strategies from her corporate and entrepreneurial experiences in a simplistic way that delivers credible and valuable insight about project management. Asya is a professional that communicates well offline and is easy to work with when confirming the podcast interview logistics. She infuses courage and cheers women on to be brave and trust the truth that they can work to create the life and legacy that they want for themselves through dedicated professional development. Asya's takeaways from her podcast interviews include several inspirational knowledge gems that lead listeners wishing to connect with her to continue the conversation.” 

- Michele Badie, PMP®