Who is Anni Finsterer?

Anni Finsterer is the author of Radical Rock and Roll Resilience and is an AFI award winning actor, Keynote Speaker and Resilience coach. Since her “Conversations with Richard Fidler” on ABC radio went to air, Anni has been sharing her unique and inspiring story of how she survived two car accidents and insurmountable obstacles and went on to become an actor for some 30 years on stage and screen.

Now, she brings her education and lived experience to the REAL RESILIENCE Speaking Event.

Motivating, powerful and relatable Anni’s ability to inspire real change comes from the lessons she's learned and the tools she developed to enable her to overcome unhelpful thinking and to engage with life’s possibilities.

Anni has talked in many places for very different groups, in Business Corporations, Education, Community groups, hospitals and places of industry. She has been the keynote speaker at various fund raiser events and workshops. Her talks are an inspiring odyssey of hope, resilience and what can be learnt from coming through tough times.

Learn more visit www.annifinsterer.com

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Speaking Topics

Potential realisation


Conscious. Courage. Communication


A keynote speaker, ready to share her story with you and implement change in your life...

Anni's shots of motivation will help you to:

  • Bounce unhelpful thoughts

  • Build Bold Beliefs

  • Flip your fears into fuel

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Anni Finsterer recently spoke at our early Monday morning sales team meeting. An engaging and entertaining speaker, Anni spoke about her own somewhat extraordinary experiences with building resilience in a lasting and galvanising way. It is obviously a subject Anni is passionate about sharing so as to enable others to draw on their own strengths to overcome negativity, stress and lethargy. This dose of great story telling along with positive psychology to inspire new thinking was uplifting for our sales team and will certainly be remembered. She comes highly recommended for inspiration and motivation.

- Martin Gould, Toshiba.

There are few people who can talk about not only one accident but two, one of them fatal, and the enormous physical injuries which resulted while inspiring individuals to take charge of their lives, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Equally, there are few people who have overcome physical and psychological obstacles, who then go on to achieve an independent and mainstream stage career and are awarded an Australian Film Institute Award. Anni recounts a story both moving and inspiring. The Bonus Days: From a most dynamic and outstanding speaker. - Scott Chen, PhD MBA PMP, VP of Education, PMI-Montgomery County MD Chapter and Health Scientist Administrator, NIH/NCI Program and Review Extramural Staff Training Office

- Practice Manager Annie Fitzpatrick Peter, Murphy & Associates – Solicitors

When I saw Anni Finsterer talk I was completely moved by her incredible tale of survival and her ability to communicate how she was able to move from despair to hope in circumstances where most would crumble. As a Family Therapist, I am aware of the power of story and its ability to transform perceptions of what is possible. In this sense Anni’s story has the ability to move and touch people on a very deep level. Resilience and Emotional intelligence now have their roots in evidence based practice which is being applied in contexts as broad as education, health and the corporate sector. Anni, I feel holds the rare ability to balance her personal story with a deep and well researched understanding of her topic. We are excited by the prospect of doing some work with her in the future.

- Kate Cordukes Family Therapist Bouverie Centre