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PMO Word Association

jan schiller pmo project management Mar 16, 2021
PMO Home

When I need to think outside the box and my Creative Whack Pack isn’t handy, I do some word association. Today’s association was inspired by my home (it’s quite chilly here today): why these things in my home are like a project management office. 


Oven: warms people up to the value of managing projects successfully.

Paella: takes some time to prepare, but the results are worth it.

Home: a gathering place.

Floor: strong; provides a solid foundation.

Taxes: you dread it at first, then get used to it.

Bed: supports essential functions.

Food: sustaining.

Suit: fits you like a glove; tailor-made.

Haircut: the first day is the hardest.

Bracelet: decorates; circles stakeholders with support.

Vase: holds beautiful things.

Safe: stores valuable experience.

Bottle: captures fluidity.

Phone: improves communication.

Recipe: guides the creation of consistent (but not identical) results; can be customized.

Straw: slows the uptake, yet the entire beverage can be fully consumed.

Purse: captures and transports experience in an accessible way.

Television: shares information, sometimes in an entertaining way.

Desk: supports the application of information.

Chair: can be arranged in many ways.

Lamp: sheds light on best practices.


What items in your home can be associated with a PMO?