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How Useful, Usable, and Used are Your Processes?

agile chris kopp pmo ppm project management Sep 15, 2021
How Useful, Usable, and Used are Your Processes?

There’s a concept of product design that focuses on making sure a product is Useful, Usable, and Used. Designers do all they can to make sure their products meet all three criteria. How do your PMO processes stack up in these areas?

I had a recent run-in with the water company. Our home’s water pressure was low, so I called to see what was going on. The Help process of calling in for support was useful to me as a customer.

But that’s where it ended. I had to listen to six options, in their entirety, with no possible selection given to speak with a live person. And, of the couple of options I chose, each had its own set of nested options. 

Was this process usable? Not so much. I found myself backed into a corner with no way out other than hanging up and starting over again. Side note: It didn’t happen with the water company, but the worst is going through an automation gauntlet and ending up with “We’re sorry, but our offices are closed right now. Please try again tomorrow.” That should be at the very front of the process.

Which leads us to the third criteria, used. I tried to use this process once, but will not do so again. Poor execution obscured the intent of automating the process.

That’s why it’s good to analyze your PMO processes. How easy it is for your “customers” to work with you? Ensure your processes are Useful (by asking), Usable (by testing), and Used (by measuring) and you’ll be doing better than the water company!