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At The PMO Leader, we're dedicated to fostering a global community that champions the exchange of knowledge and experiences, all with the aim of propelling the industry forward. Our platform is a vibrant hub for PMO practitioners and leaders alike, designed to be a neutral ground where unbiased information, networking opportunities, and resource recommendations are at the forefront.

The PMO Leader Community

One PMO World, One Community

Improving PMO Leadership and Performance around the world.

There are small communities around the world creating pockets of PMO knowledge and interaction. These communities come together occasionally throughout the year at conferences and industry events but once the events conclude we all retreat to our smaller communities.  The PMO Leader is the Community of Communities where we stay connected sharing experiences, knowledge, and networking to advance our careers.

Regardless your location, your industry, your specialty, your methodology we are the platform for you to interact, learn and share with your peers.  We provide the access, content, and tools to help you build relationships and find the solutions to help you and your team elevate your performance.

The PMO Leader site breaks down the geographical barriers and opens the world to each of us to become better Leaders.  Contribute content, join the Community Membership to interact with you peers and utilize the Coaches, Consultants and Trainers in the Professional Development area.  The site is yours so be sure to make the most of what is available and provide your feedback to ensure we are delivering what you'd like to see.

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Our Vision Statement 

To become the trusted global hub for Information, Knowledge, Networking and Services for PMO Leaders

Our Mission Statement 

Using Community to Improve PMO Leadership around the World

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board helps to shape the content, features, and vision for the site.  Our Advisors provide a regional and local perspective as well as a global understanding to ensure The PMO Leader is truly a Community of Communities!  

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People are our greatest asset. When we empower one another, we can achieve all that can be imagined. In this community, we encourage everyone to share empowering, insightful, and exciting information and content. that will aid us all in learning, growing, and leading.

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