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Spotlights on Thriving Services

What does it take for PMO leaders to thrive?  Join hosts Julianne Wolfe and Gabriela Papp as they chat with consultants and coaches to get an inside perspective on industry challenges and how their organizations can help set you up for success.

Spotlights on Thriving Services

At some point, we all need a little help from an expert.  In our virtually connected world however, we have countless options available which can seem overwhelming.  Selecting an organization fit for culture and purpose is critical to maximizing success.  In this monthly series, we’ll invite service organizations to highlight their specialties but not in the way you may think!  You’ll learn about their take on leadership, current industry challenges and building partnerships (to name a few) through a series of unconventional questions.  If you are currently searching for someone to partner with or just want to learn what these organizations have to offer, join us as we shine the spotlight on services.

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Spotlight on Thriving Services Episodes

E02 - JP Stewart Consulting

October 21, 2021

Host, Gabriela Papp speaks with Jim Stewart Founder of JP Stewart Consulting.  Watch to learn about JP Stewart Consulting and how Jim supports customers with project delivery solutions, training, coaching and PMO services.

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E01 - The PMO Squad

September 21, 2021

Watch to Learn about The PMO Squad organization, their Purpose Driven PMO, the Project Management Journey and how The PMO Squad supports customers with project delivery solutions and resources.  Host Julianne uses a series of creative questions to gain insight and understanding about The PMO Squad and how they support clients..

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The Hosts


Julianne Wolfe, PMP

Julianne is a seasoned PPM professional with roots in analytical chemistry, laboratory management and criminal forensics.  Currently a Research & Development Global Portfolio Manager at PPG, she draws on her diverse experience to evaluate global metrics, steer continuous improvement, and establish best practices around portfolio management.   She holds a BS in Chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University and is a certified Project Management Professional.  Outside of work, you’ll find Julianne tending to her urban chickens, hiking, scrapbooking or reading books on leadership. She is active in the PPM community and a passionate advocate for elevating essential skills (aka soft skills) in both the sciences and project management

Gabriela Papp, PMP

Gabriela is a certified PMP professional, holding a Bachelors degree in Material Science from the University of Transylvania and has extensive experience in industrial manufacturing. Currently holding the role of Regional Engineering Manager at Greif, where she adopts a successful style of management based on performance and empowerment. Outside of work, Gabriela likes outdoor activities like swimming and skiing as well as interior  decorating . She also leads her  own Business and partnership with PMOfficers as an accredited trainer in the areas of Project, Program and Portfolio Management. 

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