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We dream of a world, where PMO plays a very important role in digital transformation. Doing the right projects and doing projects right. Because we are convinced that the dream of The PMO Leader fits well to support global community to deliver their objectives, we looking forward to welcoming you to each episode! 

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State of Today's PMO in Digital Transformation

Learn how to create a benefit linking your PMO objectives to Digital Transformation. Understand a most critical aspect of PMOs in Digital Transformation and take-away as one of the strategic tools to steer Digital Transformation in your organization.

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Jim Stewart

Jim has been a project manager for twenty-five years and since 2003 has been independently providing consulting, training, and mentoring. A PMP since 2001 and Certified Scrum Master since 2013, he contributes by helping organizations increase their project maturity and best practices.  

He has been developing courseware and teaching PMP certification since 2003. He has also taught at the university level and has taught well over 1,000 students.  

Jim has established several PMOs, most recently for a public healthcare project in Washington, D.C. He is currently providing one-on-one Agile coaching to an entrepreneur. He is co-author (with Rich Maltzman) of the book, “Facilitating Project Planning Meetings: A Practical Guide to Ensuring Project Success.”

Emmanouil Papadakis

Manolis is a certified practitioner in project management with more than 14 years of experience. Since 2007 he has been managing projects and programs and leading cross-functional teams in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). 

He holds a degree in Business Economics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a postgraduate degree in information systems from the University of Kiel in Germany, and in Banking and Finance from the International University of Greece. He is also a researcher and Doctoral candidate in the field of project management, programs and project portfolio. He has at the moment two published academic papers. His research field concerns hybrid methods, adaptation of methodologies, with the aim of developing a hybrid flexible methodology / framework for services. He has the PMP certification from PMI, he is also certified according to ISO 21500 as Senior Lead Project Manager, he holds ITIL 4 certification, PM2AGILE and Scaled Scrum Expert. Since 2015 he participates in voluntary activities in PMI Greece Chapter and since October 2020 he holds the position of Vice President in the Board of PMI GREECE Chapter having under his supervision two voluntary teams. 

Mark Burnett

A natural encourager and collaborator who empowers via an adaptive, customer-centric and shared value-driven obsession to execute tasks, in an effective approach to foster a creative business climate of introspection, learning and growth. Mark believes that true service comes from Servanthood, and is a servant to others which is his main strength. Additionally, he has been a true inspiration imparting his invaluable wisdom, experience, and knowledge to budding professionals at the UWI, he continues to exemplify a true UWI pelican by nurturing the young!  

Nowadays, Mark helps teams to manage complex projects, risks, deadlines, change, technology, software solutions and channel of accountability to solve their biggest setbacks in enterprise-class infrastructures based on importance, sense of urgency and ROI: Helping busy Leaders with their time; boosting productivity, resilience and recruitment, taking their business from a distressed position; helping teams become the most powerful version of themselves, building skills through project management and heart-based life lessons. 

Having worked in immense high-pressure situations with Ericsson and other technology operators, Mark has supported a range of projects for over a decade, including major digital transformation that delivered significant benefits to services providers in the Caribbean and Central America. He has a solid customer focus on medium to high-risk priorities, and his experience extends across a wide range of ICT & telecom technologies. Likewise, he has managed large-scale/ macro level network deployment, negotiating with external partners and leading cross-functional teams to accelerate performance. 

An active Mentor with meaningful contributions, Mark has served as PMI & Red Cross Volunteer, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Veteran Project Manager Mentor (VPMMA) and Liaison Officer at Football Tournaments. Moreover, he has guided teams to create solutions for Hackathon Covid-19, and initiatives to motivate women in technology and youth in STEM. Mark is ardent about community service and has been helping since his youth.  

Mark is a certified PMP, Agile Scrum Master and Registered Engineer. His view is that a blend of Project Management, Technology and Engineering can be fun! Besides this, his multicultural exposure has given him deep interests in these areas: Business, Digital Technology & Transformation, Productivity & Motivation, Executive Decision Making, Vendor and Third-Party Management.  

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