Who is Bruno Morgante?

Bruno enjoys solving problems, inspiring others, and accomplishing his goals. He is an outcomes driven leader who solves problems and delivers results. Bruno is also deeply invested in mentoring. As a Mentor, he helps young individuals and people in need by providing ‘pro bono’ guidance, support and advice about Leadership, Personal Development, Career Development, PMO, Portfolio, Program and Project Management.

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Bruno is a storyteller that speaks with passion. His keynotes are designed to ignite emotions and inspire the crowd.

You can expect captivating stories, insights, and anecdotes from Bruno’s experience, which will guide your audience through a journey into the art of crafting healthy environments that ignite performance and drive project excellence.

Are you looking for a keynote on the importance of embracing change, forging meaningful stakeholder connections, fostering effective communication, mastering active listening, bridging gaps, building trust and inspiring your team under a shared vision?

Are you looking for stories on Project Management: successes, failures, recovery, lessons?
Are you looking to inspire your audience on their development journey, with easy-to-grasp analogies, stories filled with "Ah-ah!" moments and hands-on recommendations?

If your answer to any of the above is "yes", Bruno is the right person for you. 

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Speaking Topics

 Inspiring stories on Leadership and Project Management

Personal and Career Development + Mentoring

Building, Developing and Leading effective PMOs and Project teams that deliver results


Bruno's keynote at the Project, Agile and Leadership conference was not only insightful but also deeply inspiring. His ability to connect with the audience, blending storytelling with actionable insights, truly sets him apart as a speaker. Having also spent time together at The Adecco Group, I've consistently been impressed by Bruno's passion for sharing knowledge and his genuine engagement with his listeners. Anyone attending a session with Bruno is in for a transformative experience.

Hana Duchackova, Intelligent Automation and Robotization | Generative AI | AI & Data @ Deloitte

I had the privilege of seeing Bruno speak at the Project Agile and Leadership Conference in Prague, where I was also speaking. He had lots of PMO experience to share and is passionate about great PMO delivery. His style is to tell a few stories about his experiences and how these have impacted the outcomes. It is engaging and informative at the same time. I think that he will have provided some ‘food for thought’ for the participants as the theme of the conference was healthy performance and he described how he achieves this with his team – and some examples of where it did not work. His authenticity comes across and it is good to have someone speaking who is current and is facing the issues of today. I certainly learned from him.

Sheila Roberts, COO @ CUPE International