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Have you ever wanted to ask the author of the book you're reading a question?  Now you can, as hosts Davit Iskandaryan and Ilinca Nicolescu interview the authors of some of our favorite Agile, PMO and Project Management books.

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Being financially free isn’t just about making money. You also have to manage it well. The Strive podcast dives deep into saving, investing, and building lasting wealth.

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Project Communications – Why does this continue to be point of project failure?

In this episode, our host, Ilinca and guest, Bill Dow, talk about how project managers can improve project communications and what tools to use in support. Bill shares his experience and tips about how project managers can add more value to their projects through meaningful communication pathways.

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Ilinca Nicolescu

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

I was Born and raised in Romania, taught in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Management, career started in the same industry. Curious about research, I continued to work my way up into Drug Development and quickly discovered the passion for Project Management which, happy to say, today I have even more than before. I have exercised being a Project Manager for more than 6 years now in a professional environment and also on a personal level, being my own PM when moving to Canada.

I am a very curious personality, looking to understand the WHY and find the ideal HOW. What I like the most about being a PM is the opportunity to connect people and find and give them the right tools they need to be best versions of themselves. I am a true believer that with an open communication and collaborative approach anything can be achieved no matter how challenging and I strive to inspire the same to anyone I interact with.

Davit Iskandaryan

Nowadays project management is a demanded skill for life, not only a professional domain.

I was born and grown in Armenia. After 7 successful years of professional career growth in commercial banking I shifted to the world of project management, where I find myself self-actualized and happy. By putting together my banking experience with the project management skillset, I enjoy the projects I am usually engaged in.

I love to do volunteering and support to the professional community development, as I think this is one of the keys to changing the world and making impact. I truly believe that hard working and consistent professional development will open new perspectives and horizons for each of us.

The Books and Beyond webinar series are the right place and right way of getting inspired, learning and growth.

Follow your dreams !

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